DemoXmlTreeView 1.0

XmlTreeView offers the option to display XML-data and/or make it editable
1.0 (See all)

XmlTreeView offers the option to display XML-data and/or make it editable.
Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to display XML-data to your users and/or make it editable? To achieve this, one might first think of the (in .NET 1.0 unmanaged) Browser COM plug-in. It does the display part quite well, although the unnerving JavaScript-blocker on WinXP SP2 spoilt that a bit. Also, you might really require editing capabilities as well and that plug-in does not really help you that much, does it?! Also, when allowing your users to edit the XML-data it might be quite nice to get some sort of validation of what the user enters. Moreover, you can't be bothered writing all that printing code yourself when you can have a control that handles all of that, much like the Internet Explorer plug-in.

Well, hopefully, this control might help you a bit. Feel free to change it, extend it, customize it or simply use it in your application.

Main Features :

- Printing of an XML document.
- Editing XML nodes.
- Deleting XML nodes.
- Searching an XML document.
- Validating XML data entered by the user.
- Saving XML to file.
- Copying and pasting XML data.
- Dragging and dropping XML files onto the control.
- Opening XML files through OpenFileDialog.

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